Weekly drawing classes for beginner and intermediate ability adults.


The classes are designed specifically for those people who have the desire, but lack the confidence to draw. Often people believe that it’s just not possible to learn, because they haven't been blessed with a natural talent, but I have found that anyone with average eyesight and coordination can learn to draw. It is a fundamental skill and an important form of expression, in the same way that speaking and writing are.


I offer a range of classes from those for the complete beginner, where we go through all the basics, to a more intermediate level where we focus on specific themes and techniques.


We work in a range of mediums, including pencil, pen, ink, charcoal, coloured pencil crayon, chalk pastels, collage and mixed media, which can include watercolour and acrylic paint.


Learning to draw can be an enormously rewarding pastime and an extremely therapeutic activity. My classes are well structured and each lesson builds on the one before.


The atmosphere in the classes is safe, relaxed and informal.


These workshops start in January and go throughout the year until mid December. Students may join at any stage.


Student Comments


Contact me if you wish to attend this workshop or to arrange a workshop in your area.


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