Rhino Series:



Black Rhino 1                         Black Rhino 2                               Black Rhino 3



Black Rhino 4                               White Rhino 1                           White Rhino 2



White Rhino 3                               White Rhino 4                              White Rhino 5


White Rhino 6


The drawings on these Rhino prints were done to illustrate a book entitled: For Rhino in a Shrinking World: An International Anthology. This volume, the brain child of poet Harry Owen, is a collection of works donated by poets around the world in an effort to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the endangered rhinos of Southern Africa.

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Print size: A4

Price R250.00, plus postage.


To order these prints, please contact me.


Landscape Series


A range of limited edition signed, mounted and packaged artist prints, available in two different sizes. Please contact me for details.






Commissions and Special Arrangements

  • I accept both landscape and fibre art commissions
  • In certain instances, where companies have purchased the original artworks, I agree to have prints or cards made of these works. These may be made available to sell in their shops or to give to their customers and guests.
  • In other instances, I can produce work which is specifically for the production of prints and cards for commercial purposes.