Basic Hand Embroidery

A new one-day workshop for beginners, where you will learn enough basic stitches to kick-start your creative holiday projects.


Level: Beginners

Duration: 1 day

Next Workshop: To be announced



A new embroidery workshop



The Red Shoe Workshop

The Red Shoe Workshop, is one of my most popular workshops and has been taught to a variety of different groups around South Africa.

The intention of the workshop is to empower and support women, by giving them a creative voice.

Based on the Hans Christian Anderson story of The Red Shoes, the workshop allows the participants to find and tell their story in a uniquely innovative way.

It helps them to believe in themselves and gives them hope for a brighter future.



Level: All levels of ability

Duration: 3 Days

Next Workshop: 6th/7th September 2013 and 13th/14th September 2013


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Contact me if you wish to attend this creative workshop or to arrange one in your area.


Red Shoe Workshop shoe1 Red Shoe Workshop - community 1-




Creative Workshops for University Students


I offer custom designed workshops for university students, which explore the theme of Identity. These workshops challenge students to think about who they are, and offer them an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

The workshops are extremely beneficial, as they have the potential to deepen understanding of both the self and the other members in the group.

Due to the pressures of modern living and packed academic timetables, this component of self reflection appears to be lacking in many people’s lives.


University Workshop 3 Creative workshops for Journalism students with Sally Scott   


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Drama Masters Students 2012




Community Workshops


Red Shoe Workshops

After holding my first two community Red Shoe Workshops, I realized how powerful this workshop is for those who are unemployed and living in dire circumstances. It opens the participants up to a world of possibility and shows them that they are capable of making something beautiful out of the difficulties they have faced in their life. The safe and supportive environment within the workshop space, combined with the story-telling element, has the effect of uniting and bonding the group, due to the newfound trust and understanding.


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Keiskamma Art Group


Embroidery Workshops
I have developed a programme of creative sewing workshops that build on the foundation that is laid in the above workshop. The intention is of further develop the women’s skills, in order to enhance their ability to support themselves.


Product Development

I offer a variety of creative sewing workshops that teach community members how to translate their embroideries into marketable products.

Red Shoe Community Workshop 2 Red Shoe Community Workshop 4 Red Shoe Community Workshops 3   


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Bags of Fun Workshop

In this workshop, we will make practical, but stylish fashion accessories. These will be richly textured, embellished bags, for either day or evening wear. Techniques will include quick machine appliqué, embroidery and simple beading. This is a fun way to learn new skills and make something you can use or give as a gift. The workshop will be spread over two sessions. The first full day will be given to exploring decorative design and in the second session you will construct your bag/s.



Duration:2 Days



Bag Workshop 1 Bag Workshop 2 Bag Workshop 3



Drawing Workshops

Weekly drawing classes for beginner and intermediate ability adults.


The classes are designed specifically for those people who have the desire, but lack the confidence to draw. Often people believe that it’s just not possible to learn, because they haven't been blessed with a natural talent, but I have found that anyone with average eyesight and coordination can learn to draw. It is a fundamental skill and an important form of expression, in the same way that speaking and writing are.


I offer a range of classes from those for the complete beginner, where we go through all the basics, to a more intermediate level where we focus on specific themes and techniques.


We work in a range of mediums, including pencil, pen, ink, charcoal, coloured pencil crayon, chalk pastels, collage and mixed media, which can include watercolour and acrylic paint.


Learning to draw can be an enormously rewarding pastime and an extremely therapeutic activity. My classes are well structured and each lesson builds on the one before.


The atmosphere in the classes is safe, relaxed and informal.


These workshops start in January and go throughout the year until mid December. Students may join at any stage.


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Contact me if you wish to attend this workshop or to arrange a workshop in your area.


Tree drawing studentfruit draw2



Creative Journalling

The purpose of journaling is to stop, see, observe and become aware of the world we live in, as well as to document and record our responses to it. Daily journaling activates the creative juices, unblocks and creates flow of our thoughts and ideas. It can be an intensely satisfying experience to watch one’s journal transform into an artwork that records our individual world.


The aim of this workshop, therefore, is to build and sharpen awareness of both inner and outer worlds, i.e. to become more aware of the details of one’s environment and at the same time to be conscious of oneself in it.


It develops the participant’s ability to record, interpret and add meaning to the experiences of their life, which is an extremely useful skill for artists, writers and the like, but is also essential for university students needing to document their fieldwork experience.


Essentially the workshop focuses on the following:

  • Developing observation skills and sharpening awareness.
  • Interpretation of observations through both objective and subjective lens.
  • Discovering and developing skills in the use of different media suitable for creatively documenting the observations.

For the purpose of the workshop, students put together a journal that focuses on and documents the theme and subjects of the individual course.



Creative Journal 3 Creative Journal - 1 Creative Journal 2                       

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