The classes are designed specifically for those people who have the desire, but lack the confidence to draw. Often people believe that it’s just not possible to learn, because they haven't been blessed with a natural talent, but I have found that anyone with average eyesight and coordination can learn to draw. It is a fundamental skill and an important form of expression, in the same way that speaking and writing are.


I offer a range of classes from those for the complete beginner, where we go through all the basics, to a more intermediate level where we focus on specific themes and techniques.


We work in a range of mediums, including pencil, pen, ink, charcoal, coloured pencil crayon, chalk pastels, collage and mixed media, which can include watercolour and acrylic paint.


Learning to draw can be an enormously rewarding pastime and an extremely therapeutic activity. My classes are well structured and each lesson builds on the one before.


The atmosphere in the classes is safe, relaxed and informal.


These workshops start in January and go throughout the year until mid December. Students may join at any stage.


Student Comments


Contact me if you wish to attend this workshop or to arrange a workshop in your area.


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This drawing course has evolved from my weekly studio drawing classes, as a result of the pandemic. It is specifically designed for students who have little or no previous experience, but who would like to learn to draw. The weekly classes are well structured, with each session building on the one before, so even complete beginners will find that they learn very quickly, often amazed at what they find themselves capable of doing.


There are numerous benefits to learning to draw, but it is the relaxing, therapeutic aspect that is most often commented upon. 


In this course you will learn to see things more clearly, and will then become familiar with the various drawing techniques and mediums, working with pencil, pen, ink wash, charcoal, pencil colour, chalk pastel, mixed media and collage. Once the basics are covered, we will explore different themes, developing skills as we go.


The drawing sessions will be held each week via Zoom, but they will be supported by printed notes and short demonstration videos where necessary, that you can use as a back-up reference point. The groups will be small and everyone will work at their own pace in an atmosphere of mutual support. 


In addition to this, you will be added to a WhatsApp Group, which is where you can post and share your drawings. I will comment on your work, offering guidance and advice where needed, and you will find the rest of the group will enjoy seeing what you are doing and supporting you on your creative journey.


Once you have worked your way through the Basic Beginner Course, you will have an opportunity to explore different themes, e.g. landscape, animals, building etc., still meeting weekly via Zoom. The basic course usually takes approximately 6 months to complete, but many people stay on and build on what they have learned.


Please contact me if you would like to join this or any future course.




Recent feedback from a participant of my first online drawing course:


The Holes In The Sieve by Megan Laurent-Terpend


I recently enrolled in Sally Scott’s Art Studio Beginner online drawing course. Her classes are life changing (it’s probably worth pointing out that they are life changing in a good way – what with all the other crappy life changing stuff that 2020 has brought with it ). So now I’m on a mission to explain all that is unique and wonderful about Sally because I want others to be able to benefit from her expertise too. 

1. Sally’s classes are on online. There’s a Pandemic. Do the math.


2.  This one is obvious. Sally is an amazing artist – check out her work online if you haven’t already.


3.   Sally is a teacher. Being the curious sort, and also having stalking tendencies, I poked around the internet to find out where her teaching experience comes from, and found on Sally’s website that she has taught art for over thirty years at schools, universities and from her private studio.  Characteristically understated credentials I am sure, but as bare boned as they are, they probably go some way to explaining Sally’s professional and confident manner.


4.  Sally is an art teacher. This one is hard to quantify and I am battling to pinpoint the essence of what  I mean. The closest explanation of this quality came to me when I was listening to a TEDx talk by Michael Rastovich in which he quotes Mark Twain:


 “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. 

It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so”.


Sally has the ability to recognize when what her students know for sure is not so.


 As an artist, Sally can recognize that the holes of the sieve should be elipses and not circles. As a teacher, Sally can help her students recognize this difference for themselves and lay down new neural pathways for themselves - so that they begin to see elipses which they were previously convinced were circles. 


Trust me – I know from years of experience – listening to YouTube videos; reading books; trying to draw by yourself – none of it is any help at all for people like me who are markedly most comfortable in left brain functioning. Sally is the link between the sieve and the drawing -  she is able to translate the language of what we know for sure (the holes are round) into the language of what we don’t know (maybe the holes aren’t round) which allows us to start drawing the world as it is so; while still maintaining and enhancing our (the student’s) self-esteem. Which brings me on to my next point - feedback


5.   Sally gives feedback after her online class has ended. 


I challenge you to find another art teacher who gives feedback of the quality and/or quantity that Sally gives. (If you are a nature journalist then John Muir Laws will probably be the exception that proves the rule; but then the guy is practically a saint so I am not sure that he counts). 


 I’m confident that you won’t find anyone who ticks all these boxes. But if you live in an alternative universe and you come across anyone that fits the bill; have I told you about Sally’s Red Shoe Project? Or her personality? Her sense of humour? I would write more; but it’s time for my next class; and NOTHING can keep me from that..